System Integration


The development of the ICT industry, as well as the need for business-oriented IT solutions, impose the need for complex and easily adaptable IT systems that would be easily integrated into the existing environment. A very important segment for us as a company is to offer each of our customers the best solution for their daily work.

We will transform your IT Infrastructure into a powerful tool for your business, with a complete service including IT Infrastructure, hardware and software support, consulting services and design. The biggest challenge is upgrading existing systems and introducing new advanced technologies to existing infrastructure.

Our goal is always to get a satisfied user who will continue the mutual cooperation. Feel free to contact us about system integration.

No more late product launches, slow growth and high infrastructure costs.

This model is ideal if you:


Infrastructure solutions and Security Infrastructure

Server, storage, and network virtualization and infrastructure

Complete Infrastructure for Data Centers

Complex software solutions

Our extensive / extended experience and the quality of our teams contribute to increasing the quality of complex software solutions for our users, as well as improving the productivity of their work.


INNOSMART can build a software development team abroad that becomes part of your company and is managed by you - with our help. You get a higher quality product made by a dedicated workforce that is within budget. Learn more about our business model in 90 seconds.


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